20 // This would be nothing without you

Broadway & Trutch, Kitsilano.

This piece is placed on a lamp post on a busy section of Kits. I placed it at eye-level because I wanted people to really notice it.

The sentiment, "This would be nothing without you" was suggested to me by my friend Sophia. I love it. Where would we be without you? Who would I be without you?

This piece is part of a beautiful letterpress print from Sycamore Press.

19 // venn diagram

4th & Vine St, Kitsilano.

This is another busy section of Kitsilano but this particular piece is much lower than eye level. I wanted something that someone might have to bend down to read.

I love venn diagrams and wanted to create my own. This one touches on the potential that happens when you put two people together. Oh, the possibilities.

18 // You are the milk to my cookies

Arbutus & 6th, Kitsilano.

Arbutus Coffee  is one of my favourite coffee shops in the city. It's a beautiful old building nestled away from the bustle of 4th. It's one of those places that you see and wish that you could sit in the window and people watch.

It was a bit hard for me to figure out where to put my piece because I didn't want to interfere with the outdoor seating. So I decided to stick it up high, on the back of a parking sign.

The sentiment, "You are the milk to my cookies", is a romantic and silly message. I think relationships should have more fun and whimsy in them. Plus, I can't think of a more classic pairing than that!

17 // You are so lovely

Ontario & W. 28th St, Main.

This is one of two traffic circles where I put my work. Due to the size, this isn't something that you would necessarily see if you were driving.

The sentiment, "You are so lovely" is paired with dancing musical notes. I wanted something that conveyed a light and airy happiness, something that matched your mood if you were thinking this.

16 // It's in the small things

Ontario & W. 19th, Main.

This is placed on the front of a bench at a popular intersection just off of Main St. I've sat on this bench before and loved how it was right next to a mini public garden.

The sentiment, "It's in the small things", is a reminder to slow down and not fret so much about the big picture. I often feel like I'm running on a fast track, so learning to slow down and take a breath has been an important lesson.

This photograph was taken by my dear friend Crystal.

15 // I believe in you, I believe in us

Main & E. 28th St.

Just off of Main St is an art studio called Arts off Main. I loved the idea of leaving them a piece of artwork on their bulletin board. I hope they like it!

The sentiment, "I believe in you, I believe in us" is important in a relationship. Hope and optimism can be half the battle.

I decided that since these two separate statement really go together, they should have the same, reversed colours.


14 // Overflowing Optimism

Main & King Edward St.

There is a small mini plaza with a few shops and restaurants on Main, near King Ed. There's one particular sign that's been used many times to advertise. I knew that I wanted my piece to go there, next to the random concert and club flyers.

The sentiment, "Overflowing Optimism", comes from this photograph. Not only do I agree with the message, but I also think that it's true that once you start thinking positively, you just can't stop it from coming.

I created this piece with construction paper and a never ending loop of swirls.

13 // Good times for a change

Main & 19th.

This piece is hanging from a tree branch on Main St. I love the idea that someone might just happen to see it as it's swinging in the breeze.

The sentiment, "Good times for a change" is a nod to The Smiths' song. Not only do I love the song, but I also appreciate the plea. It has a mixture of yearning and hope.

This is printed on an old fashioned tag and marked as if it's going to a real destination.

12 // Do you like me? [x] yes [x] yes

Main & 11th.

This is placed outside of the Massage Therapy Centre on 11th on the bicycle rack. I love the idea that only the cyclists will see this message.

I love this message because it reminds me of being a kid and feeling so shy when you liked a new friend. In this case, the two check boxes have already been filled out and the answer is definitely yes.

11 // Today with you

Main & Broadway.

This is a major intersection of the city and I wanted my message to be tucked away just a little bit. I placed it near Congee Noodle House, on a concrete wall off to the side.

The sentiment, "Today, with you" is a moment to stop and recognize the person you're with. Short and simple. Recognize.