30 // If you were here I'd be home


Underneath the Cambie St Bridge, near the Aquabus dock.

This is placed on the back of a bench on part of sea wall running route. Many people stop here to take in the view of the bridge and look over to Yaletown on the other side of the water.

The sentiment, "If you were here I'd be home" comes from the project "A Love Letter for You". I've always loved the message and have often felt that with just the right person, you could be anywhere and feel comfortable.

The map is from my 2005 trip to Prague, one of my favourite cities I visited when I backpacked through Europe.

29 // You are a gift

Cambie St Bridge.

This is one of four pieces I placed on the Cambie St Bridge. I love this bridge and walk across it nearly every day to go to work.

The sentiment, "You are a gift" has been told to me by a loved one. The first time I heard it I was so taken aback that I hardly knew what to think or say. Over time, I came to really embrace the sentiment. Sharing yourself is the best gift you could give to someone you love.

These scrabble pieces are glued to the paper and tons of packing tape has adhered it to one of the bridge's lamp posts.  It's one of my favourite pieces of this project.

28 // Right here, right now

Cambie St Bridge.

This is one of four pieces on the Cambie St Bridge. It's across from one of the benches on the bridge, on a guard rail.

I've often struggled with being a worrier: anxiety over the future and second-guessing the past. I've been learning to overcome it by trying to be much more present. When I'm having a great adventure or feeling really happy, I think of this sentiment, "Right here, right now". 

27 // Maybe 'someday' is today

Cambie St Bridge.

This is one of four pieces on the Cambie St Bridge. This piece is placed near one of the benches on a lamp post.

The sentiment, "Maybe 'someday' is today", is a reminder that we don't need to wait for some mythical day or time to take action, to make a decision, to simply be happy.

The calendar has all the days crossed off except for August 31st (my real birthday) which is circled. It's a bit hard to tell in the photo, but the calendar is beautifully letterpressed.

25 // There is no one like you

W. 1st and Columbia St, Olympic Village.

This piece is placed between two benches near the dog park in the Olympic Village. Even though it's bright yellow, I think it can be a bit hard to spot.

The sentiment, "There is no one like you" is an acknowledgement of how unique we all are. And what's more unique than a handprint? (Yes, that's actually my handprint!).

26 // You can do it

Cambie St Bridge.

This is one of four pieces on the Cambie St Bridge. It's placed at the lamp post at the top of the stairs.

The sentiment, "You can do it" goes hand-in-hand with another sentiment in this project, "We can do hard things".  It's one part encouragement and one part reminder of how strong we really are. I picked this one specifically to go at the top of these stairs because I run them. After the third time running these stairs, this sentiment helps me keep going.

The band aids are taped to black construction paper and a simple sharpie was used to write the words.

24 // You are my favourite

7th & Columbia St, Mount Pleasant.

This small canvas is taped to a lamp post next to Jonathon Rogers Park. The sentiment, "You are my favourite" is something we rarely say. But we all have favourites and that's awesome. We should all have someone that we could say that to. (Go do it).

23 // To be yourself...

7th and Cambie, Fairview.

This poster is placed on telephone pole on a heavy pedestrian street off the main strip. The message is one of my favourite quotes from Ralph Waldo Emerson and I often look at it when I feel insecure.

I wanted this quote to have an achievement like a classic gold ribbon because we all deserve one.

22 // We can do hard things

Broadway & Granville St.

This intersection is a hub of activity and I've placed mine just west of the intersection, on a lamp post near Soup Etc!

The sentiment, "We can do hard things" is a companion to another sentiment, "You can do it."  It's easy to give up or underestimate our abilities, but we're capable of so much. Especially when we give ourselves a chance.

I had a lot of fun making this piece as I scratched my message into many layers of pastels.

21 // I wish for more days like today

W. 12th & Balaclava St, Kitsilano.

This is one of two traffic circles that I put my pieces on. I liked the idea of the balloon's ribbon tying around the metal pole.

The sentiment, "I wish for more days like today", is something I've thought many times this past summer. I've been lucky to have many adventures with good friends. I wanted this wish to go on something like a balloon because balloons have such hope. They fly through the sky often attached to the wrist of an excited child.